Mission Statement - We Rise by Lifting Others

We want to make things better, save the planet & help people. We breathe change and love synergy, energizing collaborations. Lifting up others so we all can thrive and we believe in universal love. We believe in a world in which we don't own anything, and everything is from everyone. 

We share love, share knowledge, share things. 

Because the more we share

The more we have

Core Values


Being completely engaged with the things you love to do. An internal drive with a force that is not from this world. There is no middleground, go hard or go home.

Go getter

The worst decision is no decision at all. To move forward you have to do something. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.


Empathy starts with observation to gain empathic understanding. Key is to listen and observe to the verbal and non-verbale without judgement or bias.


Thinking on an abstract level. Making complex matters understandable, creating day-to-day actions out of dreams with longterm in mind and recognize patterns before others do.

Socially engaged

Social impact. Leaving the world a little bit better as we found it. We commit ourself to do something good in this world – every – single – day.

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Charities supported by MyleneKlein.nl

We donate our money, material, energy or hours work to these charities. Want to know more?

Vanessa Umboh

Wist je dat 1 op de 4 kinderen in Rotterdam leeft in armoede? Dat zijn 40.000 kinderen, alleen in Rotterdam. Vanessa Umboh van Stem zonder Gezicht maakt zich hard voor deze kinderen.

Straatpastoraat Den Haag

Elke vrijdag worden in de Vincentius' Hof bij het Stadsklooster aan het Westeinde een viering en een maaltijd gehouden. Vanaf half vijf verzamelen mensen zich op het plein, want ook de onderlinge ontmoeting is voor veel aanwezigen erg belangrijk.

Because we carry

Because We Carry is building safe environments for ordinary people who have been forced to leave their homes behind.